The Weekend Playlist: Taking advantage of our time off

Round of applause to everyone that made it through another busy week. Seriously, you’re amazing. You’ve done a great job and added value to the lives of many. You deserve some time off. Make the weekend yours. Find those special things you love to do and go crazy with no rules. Is waking up late and watching Netflix all day your thing? Go crazy. Don’t let anyone tell you what you have to do with your well deserved time off. For those of you looking to take advantage of the weekend but aren’t sure what to do, here’s a few things I have in mind.

I just recently stumbled upon Tokyo Ghoul on Hulu. I’ve seen a few memes and quotes online about this show but never really had the interest in checking it out. On one of those bored evenings when I wanted to do a million things but didn’t feel like doing any one thing in particular I decided¬†to give the show a shot. Whoa was I surprised. As a fan of the dark, harsh reality tone of Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul immediately captivated me. I realize I’m a little late to the show but that’s OK. That just means I can binge watch a few episodes at a time. Curious bystanders be warned, the show is very bloody, disturbing, and tons of fun to watch.

Persona 5 is out and I’ve heard nothing but great things about this game. Gameinformer (a site that I find has reviews that fit with my likes and dislikes almost perfectly) gave it a 9.25 out of 10 and a glowing review. I’ll admit, I’m not a fan of the dungeon crawler aspect of the franchise but I’ve heard the game has improved quite a bit in that aspect and there is plenty to do to make sure the game doesn’t feel as redundant. Persona is a series that has a huge cult like following and I can understand why given the great animations, compelling story lines, and loads of fan service for the anime crowd.

The Pirates will be getting destroyed by the Yankees tonight 4/21/17 @7:05pm, Saturday 4/22/17 @ 4:05pm, and 4/23/17 Sunday 4/23/17 @ 1:35pm (EST) T-mobile came through again this year with the free subscription to MLB.TV so I’ll definitely be able to catch at least one of these games. The Mets threw away a game against the Phillies last night due to some very poor pitching.¬†For a moment there in the bottom of the third they looked like they had a chance but they made it very clear to the Phillies shortly after that they didn’t have a pitcher ready to close the deal. Phillies beat the Mets 6 – 4. Forecast is calling for rain out here in my area but if your able to, try going out to watching a local ball game. I know for the longest I completely ignored our local team. I gave it a shot once and I’ve been hooked ever since. Although I enjoy video gaming, movies, and all sorts of indoor activities, I’ve found nothing beats sitting at a baseball stadium on a nice warm breezy day having a hot dog and watching baseball regardless who is playing.


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