The Relevant And Practical Entrepreneur

The internet never has been, and never will be a fad. Content and speed are the driving forces of consumer behavior. If your business is not providing content on all the major internet platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc.) it is not relevant. Your focus should be in finding ways to deliver meaningful content across all platforms on a consistent basis. You may have a local business that specializes in landscaping and may be thinking to yourself “what kind of content can I possibly provide across these platforms?” As an example, a landscaping company can record short tutorial videos or a few quick advice clips for Instagram.

These things may seem like they aren’t worth the effort but I guarantee if you are consistent in delivering meaningful content to your base you will see positive results. I believe the major issue is one we all have shared at one point or another in our lives; we lack patience. Society has conditioned us to expect immediate results. It’s difficult to live in the digital age and embrace the grind. You may find yourself working 2 and 3 jobs in order to fund your dream for a year, or 2, 3, years before seeing any meaningful financial return. The problem we run into is we feel like success should come within “these ten easy steps” in “this” amount of time and when it doesn’t happen the way we wanted it to, we give up.

The first thing I learned to admit to myself before embarking on this journey was that I am nobody. Rid yourself of any ego and embrace the grind. Take the time to reflect, and come to an understand of what makes you happy and what you are realistically willing to sacrifice to achieve your goals. One of the biggest enemies of progress is comparing another person’s achieved success, with your grind on the way to achieving your own success. Envy, impatience, immaturity, and ego will have you looking at everyone else around you and asking yourself “how come I don’t have the level of success they have already?”

This is where most people find themselves giving up. Instead of playing that violin for yourself, get out there and network. You’ll find yourself asking 100 people for help and only 1 will be willing to spend the time with you. This is life and there’s nothing you can do about. It doesn’t how much you know, or how charming you may think you are, the reality is most people are out to get theirs and if what you are bringing to the table doesn’t help them achieve their goals, they most likely aren’t going to be excited about helping you. Seek to add value in other people’s lives first. Create meaning relationships. Get to know each other’s passions and goals and find ways to help build people up instead of focusing on what a relationship can do for you. You may be good with setting up websites but not that great at writing, but I guarantee you if you are networking effectively you will have someone within reach that is looking for an outlet where they can develop their writing skills.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with modern consumer behavior and figure out what value your company is going to add via those channels they are using to receive their content.


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