Working With Tsunami Digital Media

“So what does a video cost?”

What does a house cost?

Though simple on the surface, the question really depends on a number of factors that are best defined during one of our complimentary consultations. Each project we take on varies widely in scope. 

We are very budget conscious and truly invested in the growth of our partners. We take great strides to ensure your investments of time and finances fits within your organization’s specific needs. 

Some considerations we take into account to help construct a full project scope of work agreement and budget proposal (these are not questions intended for our client partners to answer, simply a look into how we structure project budgets) :


Outline the expected end content desired.
What platforms will the content be deployed on?


To achieve the deliverables:
How many locations will we need?
How long will pre-production, production, post-production take?

Service levels

Many projects require multiple services to complete; for example, a website may require:
Web Design, Graphic Design, Video Production, Photography, Audio Recording, and Marketing Consulations.

Additional considerations

Will we need to archive any content for extended periods of time? 
Will any additional permits from various agencies be required to perform services required to complete the project?

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