PlayStation VR 7 months later; Is it worth it?

The short answer is; it depends. What is $400 worth to you? ($500 if you don’t already own the required camera and move controllers). PSVR offers an experience unlike any other available on consoles. The level of immersion is truly impressive and something you have to experience first hand to fully understand. Having owned a PSVR for some time now I have played most of the games that are available for it and am very familiar with┬áthe best and worst it has to offer. Any time someone comes over to visit I have made sure to find a way to segue into getting them to try out the PSVR. Most times I pop in the PSVR Worlds disc and start up the ocean explorer “game”, which is really not a game at all but an experience.

The reaction is always the same; the person is immediately filled with wonder and disbelief at the immersion within the headset. Reactions range from laughter, fear, to astonished silence. Inevitably once the experience finishes they ask the same question; “How much does this thing cost?” I have never seen a person use PSVR for the first time and leave unimpressed.

The question remains; is it worth $400/$500? PSVR has been available for 7 months and the support it has received by Sony and 3rd party studios has been lackluster to say the least. The only major full game experience available at the moment is Resident Evil 7 (an amazing game by the way that sets the standard for how VR games should be made). There are other great games available such as: Eve Valkyrie, Drive Club VR, Batman: Arkham VR, Playstation VR Worlds, I Expect You To Die, and the X-Wing VR mission within Star Battlefront deserves a nod as well. The problem is, these games are very small in scale and do not offer anything close to the content found in standard video games. Some PSVR games are priced appropriately to offset the small amount of content while others aren’t.

Outside of the games it’s worth mentioning that PSVR can be used to watch 3D Blu Rays in full 3D and their are various VR apps available through the PSN store with some solid experiences to be had. Youtube also a growing library of VR videos which suffer greatly from low image quality however, the experience is still fun in many cases.

If you buy PSVR are you going to use it everyday? No. Does this mean it isn’t worth the purchase? Not necessarily. I was incredibly skeptical of PSVR when it was first announced and now I find myself defending and advertising it among all my friends and family. Even though the games available are short and light on content, I find that the immersion makes up for it and I don’t mind at all diving back into the same scenarios over and over again. If you can afford it, I say pick one up and you’ll have a blast. If you can’t, no worries, wait for more games to be released and keep an eye out for a sale. The experience is unlike anything else and is something I feel everyone should experience for themselves. PSVR may be a bit ahead of its time but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a place in your living room in the near future.

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