Metal Gear 30 year anniversary (Series Appreciation)


30 years ago my favorite video game series was born. Even with it’s ups and downs Metal Gear (Solid) is a series that has stood the test of time and continually raised the bar for the genre with each release. Metal Gear Solid being my personal favorite entry into the series, drew me in with it’s incredibly interesting story, fantastic voice acting, and game play that set it apart from any other game.

Instead of dwelling on the fallout between Hideo Kojima and Konami, today I choose to reflect on the fond memories I have of the series. Metal Gear Solid is filled with epic moments. As I think of which moment was my favorite I find myself unable to pick one. Each scene was a masterful work of art. The music, the voice actor’s performances, it’s incredible how a game with such poor graphics could be so enthralling.

I think it’s worth mentioning that in my opinion Metal Gear Solid 4 received much more hate than it deserved. From a game play aspect it was the best of the Solid Snake arc games. I agree that it was missing the impact of the iconic battles found in Metal Gear Solid 1 – 3 however, MGS4 was intended to be a send off for Solid Snake. In the end he suffered the fate Big Boss was fighting against all along. Solid Snake ultimately became a tool of the government and was cast aside when they no longer had use for him. I wish Solid Snake had a better send off, but I accept it and am glad they found away to let him go in peace.

Metal Gear Solid V despite being released in an unfinished form is a masterpiece. Remove all of the business politics aside and you have one of the most polished games of all time along with some important plot holes filled (and regretfully some new ones made and left open). Kojima returned to form delivering incredible game play, voice acting, and some of the best music of the series. Although we didn’t have the epic boss encounters of the original series in this entry either, MGSV had much more depth to the characters. Scaling back the cut scenes was received with mixed reactions however, I found that allowing the player to listen to the back story via audio tapes was a genius way to keep the momentum of the open world setting.

Unfortunately due to the turmoil at Konami it is fairly certain that we will never see another mainline Metal Gear Solid game again. Thankfully, Kojima and Konami did leave us with an incredible story to look back on and today, I am very appreciative of the universe they built for us.



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