ill Barz – Lupe Fiasco [This Ain’t A Scene Remix X Fallout Boy]

Today’s ill barz are brought to you by Lupe Fiasco


There’s an arms race, like I’m runnin’ on my hands
A dance marathon on my napalms…and
Drop mine’s first so that they bombs…can’t
And Glocks, lasers, missiles, beat rocks, paper, scissors
I built mine’s big, better build yours bigger
Built mine’s quick so I could kill yours quicker
The number one supplier, the world’s largest equipper
The second smallest dier, best non-coexister
I pledge allegiance to gasoline and bulletproof limousines
And leans on the property of the poor
And every night, I pray to the Lords Of War
Every man and mac eleven
That all good child rebel soldiers go to AK-47 heaven
And a landmine in every playground that they step in
And you took the footage from the camera on the tips of our bullets
And record like former Darfur

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