Exceptional Service

Nothing comes before the needs of our client partners. As a marketing and communications agency our success is directly linked to yours. From day one, we make it a priority to gain a deep understand of your vision and values. We want everything we do to be a reflection of the hard work and sacrifice you and your team are doing everyday.

High Quality Content

You might notice that we never lead conversations with statements about the quality of our content. Our mindset is; “Of course the content is going to look and sound amazing. It had better be!” Aside from the equipment and skillset we bring to each project, what really sets our content apart is our passion for people, and our ability to listen. (Sure we think it looks pretty awesome, but we’d rather hear that from you!)

Video Production

The foundation of Tsunami Digital Media!

Professional video production with a focus on your audience and your platforms. 


Whether you need headshots for your website, product photos, property listings, or a special event, we’ve got you covered.

Web Design

Scalable solutions for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Custom coding, templated designs, management, and more.

Graphic Design

Original graphic design for organizations that are ready for a cohesive brand image to establish a clear presence across all platforms.

Audio Recording

A professional and friendly space to record all of your audio content. Music, podcasts, and voice acting; this is your creative space.

Video Production

Over 80% of online traffic across the globe is video content. 


It all starts with a deep dive into your corporate culture and identifying your ideal client. Effective communication means knowing the interests and values of your audience as well as the media platforms they frequent. 


With a clear plan identified, our creative team will ensure that the visual and audio aspects of your production are captured with industry leading quality. Our down to Earth approach has historically put our clients at ease and helped in bringing the best out of our participants. 


Sequencing, color grading, animation, and so much more. We go over every second of footage with a strict attention to detail ensuring that the finish product accurately reflects your vision and goals. Every aspect of your project will be tied together seamlessly and delivered to you within 2 weeks.  

Check out some of our recent projects

Year after year the leadership team with the City of Portsmouth has entrusted Tsunami Digital Media with capturing some of the amazing work they are tirelessly doing for the city, as well as the positive impact they have on the region overall. 

Black B.R.A.N.D. is the minority chamber of commerce for Hampton Roads and Dan River regions. As a part of their dedication to minority owned business, their B Force Accelerator program provides mentorship, access to specialized services, access to capital and much more, all completely free of charge to the business owner.

At a recent shoot for GREEN RUN COLLEGIATE ACADEMY FOUNDATION we were taken aback by the empty hallways and classrooms. There was an almost unsettling feeling in the air. It occurred to us that in the midst of these uncertain times we still have a clear purpose, and certainly hope for the future.

Those feelings are what inspired this video. “Let’s Get To Work”.

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