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B Force Accelerator

Specialty Consultant Supporting all of your Marketing and Communications needs

Tsunami Digital Media, LLC is a proud corporate sponsor of Black BRAND and specialty consultant with B-Force Accelerator.

We have had the privilege of developing the vast majority of video content for Black BRAND and B-Force Accelerator over the course of over 4 years.

As specialty consultants, we are here to support you on your journey as an entrepreneur or non-profit business. Our most popular services are Video Production, Photography, and Web Design however, we do offer full wrap around services for your organization such as Marketing Consultations, Graphic Design (Original Logo Artwork), and more.

We are committed to ensuring you have the foundation and the right tools to succeed; To that end, Tsunami Digital Media, LLC is proud to offer our services at a discounted rate of $100/hour for cohort members who book their service within their specialty consulting window. Many deliverables will fall within your allotted specialty consulting hours however, if a deliverable exceeds your available time, you do have the option of applying your consulting hours and paying for the balance of services directly.

Tsunami Digital Media, LLC

Who We Are

To create effective high quality content and programs that achieve measurable results for businesses and organizations of all sizes nationwide.

Integrity, Commitment, Professionalism, Clear Communication, Prompt Service, and Exceeding Expectations.

Having been blessed with certain artistic talents a team of like minded creatives naturally combined into what we call today, Tsunami Digital Media. The name Tsunami is derived from a vision of overwhelming blessing for the business and our lives. Every one of us is incredibly passionate about expressing ourselves to our highest abilities with our art and elevating our client’s vision. 


We're a results driven agency. 

What that means to you is that we don't approach each client with cookie cutter packages and strategies to needlessly upsell products and services. 

Each organization we work with is truly unique and benefits most from tailor made solutions that meet them where they are and prepare them for the next step in their growth. We're in the business of empowerment. 

Often times, clients approach us with certain deliverables in mind and after an initial discovery session, they find themselves with the realization that what would be most beneficial is a completely different deliverable they hadn't even fully considered.


Let’s Check Our Services


  • Business Commercial
  • Batch of Social Media Content
  • "About Me" Video
  • Event Recap Video



  • Headshots
  • Product Photos


  • One page websites
  • SEO
  • Admin Training
  • Site Maintenance 


  • Marketing and Communications Audit
  • Social Media Strategy Session
  • Target Audience Identification
  • Marketing and Sales Alignment

B Force Clients Served


Specialty Consulting Hours Provided


Pieces Of Content Delivered

Small Business Commercial

Adrienne Pearl is a B-Force Accelerator Alumni who identified her real estate business’ need for a high quality commercial to be played on her social media channels and on television. Instead of going the traditional route of creating a video introducing herself as a local realtor, we developed a script for her that pulls the viewer in and encourages them to think about what they intent to leave their children and grandchildren. The goal of this video was to get people thinking about generational wealth and how home/property ownership is a powerful strategy to achieve that goal.

Specialty Consulting Hours Used: 8

Estimated cost outside of B-Force Accelerator would have been $2,500+

Product Photography

Traci Jennings is a B-Force Accelerator Alumni who identified her Skin Care business’ need for a high quality product photos for use on her e-commerce website. We worked with Traci to develop a look for her product photos that ties in perfectly with her overall branding. With over 20 different SKUs it was important for each photo to have a strong and consistent look.

Specialty Consulting Hours Used: 5

Estimated cost outside of B-Force Accelerator would have been $750+

Web Development

Rachel Hunter is a B-Force Accelerator Alumni who was having a difficult time updating her website and was in need of a complete overhaul. We worked with her to create brand guidelines for her business and completely recreated her WordPress site. Below you’ll see an photo of what her site originally looked like followed by photos of the redesigned site.

Specialty Consulting Hours Used: 7

Estimated cost outside of B-Force Accelerator would have been $2,500

"So how many hours do I need for a video shoot?"

It all starts with a brief meeting/consultation, and let me tell you why.

Legal Zoom is online company that specializes in “simplifying” a lot of different legal and business operations for you.
While they may be a good choice for many things, let’s talk about one in particular.
A very popular service they offer is their “free” LLC formation. Essentially what they do is ask you to type in all of your personal information, your business name, and provide a payment method. After you provide them this information, they offer to take the information you gave them and submit it to the state on your behalf for $200.

Not bad right?

What if I told you, you could cut out the middle man, submit the same exact information directly to the state online, receive your LLC certificate, all in about 10 minutes, and only pay $100?

The point is, Tsunami Digital Media is not in the business of doing what you can do on your own and charging you for it.
We want to do the things you CAN’T do.
We also want to make sure we are providing the services that best fit where your business is today and help you achieve your goals the right way.
That means while you may be excited for a full business commercial, after our initial consultation we may find that what you actually need is a one page website to have an ongoing presence online and a way for people to contact you.
We also take into account that not all projects are created equally. There are many different factors to consider when estimating the total time project or service will take; That’s why we always schedule a consultation before booking any specific service.
Let's get to work!

Select your service from the drop down and submit the form. We will provide next steps for you within 48 business hours. 




As a participant in the B-Force Accelerator each client is assigned 12 hours of specialty consulting. Often times, business owners will find that their needs exceed the allotted time. In the case that you find yourself in need of multiple deliverables to support your marketing and communications goals we are always happy to support you with our discounted rate for services booked within your cohort’s specialty consulting period. If you are unable to incur any out of pocket expenses at this time we completely understand and encourage you to select a single service above you deem to be of the highest priority for your business.

Need help getting started?
No worries! A blank canvas is often times the most exciting of opportunities. Get in touch with us today and we’ll brainstorm your next steps together! 



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