B-Force Accelerator Specialty Consultant´╗┐

Tsunami Digital Media is a proud partner of Black BRAND and the B-Force Accelerator program.

As a specialty consultant we are able to offer exclusive marketing and communications benefits and services. Throughout the course of your cohort you will be introduced to many amazing consultants offering a wide range of services critical to the growth of your business or Non-Profit Organization. 

As you prioritize your organization’s specific needs, you may find that your required deliverables exceed the specialty consulting hours made available to you. We stand side by side with Black BRAND and its commitment to closing the wealth gap in our minority communities and to that end, we are offering our services to members of the B-Force Accelerator program at an exclusive discounted rate of $100/hour for services scheduled no later than 30 days after your cohort’s final session.

What this means to you is if you for example determine you need a deliverable that requires 6 specialty consulting hours but you only have 4 hours left, you have the option of using your 4 hours and paying for the remaining 2 hours. *This offer is exclusive to B-Force Accelerator participants and is not available to the public.

Our Team

“All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.”
– T. E. Lawrence


Owner / Director of Marketing and Communications


Director of Cinematography


Senior Web Developer


Senior Graphic Designer


Senior Network Analyst


Office Manager

Our commitment to you

One of the pillars of Tsunami Digital Media is; We do not want to do what you can do on your own. We want to partner with you and do those things you cannot currently do so you can focus on the critical needs of your business that require your direct attention.

We regularly “talk ourselves out of work” by assessing your current resources in terms of time, equipment, and skill level, and identifying areas that may very well be within your own reach and areas that make the most sense for us to assist you with.

Many times, business owners are much closer than they realize to their goals and just need training or a bit of help “getting out of their own head” and being encouraged with a clear plan of action.

Check out some of the work we’ve done for other B-Force Accelerator participants

You’ll also see the break down of the consulting hours used to complete each deliverable. These details are provided as an example and are not intended to be used for direct quotation purposes.
Many times we are asked, “How much does a video/photo shoot/web site cost?”, to which we almost always reply, “How much does a house cost?”. Each project we take on is truly unique and has very specific requirements therefore, please make sure to always book an initial consultation/pre-production meeting with us before communicating any time commitments to your lead consultant or members of the Black BRAND or B-Force Accelerator team.
The lead times of each project vary significantly as well therefore, to ensure you can take full advantage of the resources available to you, it’s best to book your initial consultation/pre-production meeting as soon as possible.

Pearl’s Design Properties

30 Second Ad/Promo Video

On location shoot with 3 scenes and actors

Total specialty consultant hours: 8
1 Hour Pre-Production
4 Hours Video Production
3 Hours Video Post-Production

Trendi Connects

30 Second Ad/Promo Video

In studio shoot with commercially licensed stock footage

Total specialty consultant hours: 5
1 Hour Pre-Production
2 Hours Video Production
2 Hours Video Post-Production

Let’s get started on your deliverables!

To make the most out of our time together please fill out the form below. Don’t worry if you aren’t exactly where you want to be today; that’s what we’re here for! If you aren’t doing any marketing yet, that’s fine! We just want to get a general sense of who you are and what’s important to you so we can come prepared with a few ideas for you and be efficient with your time.

Frequently asked questions

How many specialty consultant hours do I need to complete my deliverable?

Every situation is truly unique and will require a very specific budget. We’ll make everything easy for you though! At our initial consultation/pre-production meeting, we’ll discuss your specific needs and go over several different options for you to consider. The examples above are provided for you to get a general sense of the time it CAN take to produce a deliverable however, let’s sit down and talk first to figure our together what will be most beneficial to you.

What is your lead time/turn-around time?

Generally speaking we turn in most video and photo projects no later than 2 weeks from the shoot date. Websites and logo designs can require longer need times. Communication is major with us, so we’ll definitely make sure you now when you can expect your content very early on in the process.

I want to work with you in the future. Do you do package rates?

Absolutely! We’re honored to be able to help you during the B-Force Accelerator program. If you wish to continue our relationship and find our services useful, we’d love to sit down and develop a plan specific to your business and goals and put a package together for you that makes the most sense for where you are today.