Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 1 Review [Spoilers]

After what felt like decades the anime world has finally been blessed with season 2 of Attack On Titan (shingeki no kyojin)! This post is for those that are familiar with the series already and have seen the first episode of season 2. (Hopefully with that being said, and the spoiler tag in the title, we can avoid many a furious fan from flooding my inbox with hate mail.)

So let’s get straight to it. It has taken all of my strength to avoid reading the mangas. I read the entire Naruto Shippuden manga and enjoyed it however, after having read the manga I had no interest in watching the anime. Attack on Titan has become one of my favorite animes of all time and I want to make sure I watch the show in its entirety therefore avoiding the manga is the only way I can think of doing that. I’ll admit, when I watched the very first episode of Attack on Titan I didn’t “get it”. It might have been the fact that I was probably burned out from binge reading the Naruto mangas and needed a break from anime altogether, who knows? The point is once I gave the show a chance I understood what made the story so great, at least for me. The sense of helplessness against seemingly impossible odds resonated with me. The sheer brutality of the titans reminded me of the nature of life itself and our own struggles to survive and achieve our dreams. Where many see titans, I see life obstacles, and the persistence of the characters to survive at all costs inspires me.

In Season 2 seamlessly picks up where season 1 left off and to my surprise, the story has gotten even more brutal and heartless. Something about watching a smaller titan devour a paralyzed woman in front of her child made my skin crawl but while making it impossible for me to look away from the screen. The episode left me with a worry I hadn’t felt before; “Are they going to start killing off main characters?” My favorite character is Mikasa and a running joke I have always made is “If Mikasa dies I’m never watching this show again”. In season 1 that joke was amusing because there was no doubt in my mind that Mikasa would play a permanent role in the series. Now, witnessing how much darker the series is getting I feel as if no character is safe. I felt a shift from “I’m sure the good guys will win in the end” to “I hope the team can stay on their toes and minimize their loses”.

The origin of the titans themselves continues to be a mystery that gets deeper with each episode. The beast titan was introduced as a very large, female ape-like titan with the ability to speak and command other titans. Given what we know about the story up until this point, I am suspecting that pretty much everyone has the ability to become a titan with the proper training. Those of you that have read the manga must be grinning ear to ear at this point at how close or completely far off I am with my theories and that’s fine. I felt the same way when i read all of the Song of Ice and Fire books and the Game of Thrones series first released on HBO.

Erin didn’t get much screen time but I’m sure we’ll be watching him learn how to function better in his titan form very soon. The priest obviously knows a lot more about the titans than he is caring to admit. Even after being pressed for answers and threatened by Levi he has remained silent. This leaves me wondering how many people within the walls know the truth about the titans and why are they keeping it all a secret despite the fact that they are all in danger?

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