Microsoft, Sony, and the art of deception

If you’ve kept up with the release of the PS4 Pro and the announcement of the XBOX One X, you’re familiar with the 4K / FauxK resolution battle.
What’s interesting at this point is how both Microsoft and Sony are spinning things.

Phil Spencer had the following to say about the PS4 Pro in comparison to the XBOX One X

Since then we’ve learned that Microsoft employs the same checkerboard rendering solution for their games as well. This isn’t to say that native 4K is impossible on XB1X, but it’s an interesting contrast from his narrative that XB1X is “true 4K” while PS4Pro is not.
On Microsoft states that their definition of true 4K includes checkerboarding and dynamic resolution. (The same techniques PS4 Pro uses).

Sony has similar information on their site ( well

The difference here seems to be that Sony has separate branding icons for native 2160p resolution, checkerboard 4K, and upscaled resolutions.

Sony may be a bit more clear with their labels but the most important part remains to be seen; How many games will truly take advantage of the hardware.
Microsoft is clearly in a better position to deliver on their claims with the superior hardware found in the XB1X, but as both companies will admit, whether or not a game will fully take advantage of the console’s power is entirely up to the developers.

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